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How would you like to take your food photography to the next level? Imagine having a professional photography studio at your disposal, complete with all the latest equipment and materials. That’s what you’ll find at Pixels Production Studio in Dubai. We are the perfect professional food photographers to capture mouth-watering images of your culinary creations. With experienced photographers on hand, you’ll be able to achieve amazing results that will wow your audience. So why not book a session today and see what Pixels Production Studio can do for your food photography?! You won’t be disappointed! Trust a local Dubai Food Photography Studio to drive more traffic to your business.

What to look for in a food photography studio in Dubai?

Food photography is an art that requires special equipment and seamless settings. A professional food photographer will know exactly which tools to use for the perfect shots, from natural light or studio lights depending on what’s available in each situation at any given time of day – all while ensuring you get great results! When choosing a food photography studio in Dubai, be sure to ask to see their food photography portfolio. This will give you a great sense of the photographer’s style and food photography experience. A food photographer with experience will have lots of food images in their portfolio. Hopefully, you find a food photographer with mouth-watering images that make you hungry right away. That’s the power of great Dubai food photography!

How to set up your own food photography studio?

Setting up your own food photography studio is possible. However, a professional food photographer just knows exactly what kind of light, props, equipment and camera lens to use to really bring life to your food dishes.  

Learn Food Photography

Food photography can be a difficult skill to master, but there are some great resources out in the world for you. One of these is The Food Photography Guide by photographer Bruce Lee Forbes who has been shooting and editing food photos since he was 13 years old! With this book as your guide through all aspects of lighting techniques like backlit shots or sidelights. Learn tips on how best to hold certain items (like utensils) so they look authentic when being captured at an angle. But, if you don’t have time to learn food photography, we recommend booking a free consultation with local Dubai food photographers, Pixels Production Studio.

 Tips for taking great food photos

We understand that some restaurant owners want to take their own food images. Start with an attractive background. Then, be sure to include something that will catch the eye in your photo. The food should look appealing and well-cooked so people want to buy it! Try using natural light instead of turned-up lights if possible because this makes for better pictures without having too much extra equipment needed on set. If you’re looking for outside help to really create amazing food images, then it’s best to work with a professional food photographer. They will have an initial investment, that will pay off when your customers see your new food images on your social media accounts and on your restaurant website.

Examples of stunning food photography

To give your food more of a dramatic and lively appearance, try using an angle that is not too straight for composition. Place the focus on one side or add some interest with textures like fresh herbs in water droplets to make them look inviting rather than tiresome! If you’re looking for more Dubai-based food photography, check out this local-based food photography.

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