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Factors affecting the value of Off-Plan Properties Dubai

When selling or buying an off-plan property in Dubai, individuals often promote the current value. Some aspects influence real estate prices on both sides of the price range, some of which contain the health of the Dubai real estate sector the location and condition of the property.

As you might know, off-plan properties Dubai is one of the fastest increasing emirate industries. The new off-plan project, such as Six Senses Dubai, is seeking the attention of both foreign and local investors.

According to statistics, the real estate value tends to boost in a stable economy with a low unemployment rate and interest. Since prices do not remain static for a long time, it is recommended to check the real estate prices at least after a year.

The most important factors that affect the value of off-plan property in Dubai are as follows:

  1. The state of the economy:

The economy of Dubai is one of the most stable around the world, and if you want to invest in the off-plan real estate market of Dubai, the property prices can be higher. In a good economy, individuals collect decent income and salaries, which means that they are financially secure. Therefore, they can invest in Six Senses Dubai, Rukan, and many other off-plan projects even if they are high in cost.

  1. Unemployment:

If you are unemployed, you have little purchasing power. There are also uncertainties about the future. For this reason, buying properties has become a particular requirement. It leads to a reduction in demand for properties, which reduces the property value. Remember that high demand for real estate triggers a price increase. An excellent way to overcome this situation is to invest in off-plan projects like Six Senses Dubai to gain a high return on investment.

  1. Location Issues:

The place you live should be ideal for you, as it must be near to your office, hospital, school, or parents’ house. However, in determining the value of real estate in Dubai, the assessors take into account the following primary indicators:

  • The quality of local schools.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Proximity to essentials such as health facilities, shopping centers, and recreational centers.

These factors include, among other things, why some areas like Six Senses Dubai are more remarkable than others, as these facilities are only a few kilometers away. In addition, the proximity to highways, public transport, and supply lines also influences the value of an off-plan property. When evaluating the value of a property in Dubai, the location is more important than any other aspect.

  1. Updates and Upgrades:

Updates and upgrades can significantly increase the value of a property in Dubai, especially older projects with outdated features. Kitchen and bathroom companies can dramatically influence the value of a property.


It is crucial to know the value of a property before the sale or purchase. There are many other factors than those we discussed above. Therefore, investing in projects like Six Senses Dubai is the right decision as it offers various amenities and affordable prices than others.

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