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Facts No One Will Ever Tell You About the Six Months Smile Treatment

Six Months Smile is a strikingly popular treatment in modern dentistry. The treatment proves to be an excellent solution for crooked teeth ranging from minimal to moderate. But that does not mean no one will have any queries about the treatment. Considering that let us explore few crucial facts related to the procedure in the following sections of this blog post. Topics like exactly what can you expect from the treatment, how to take care of the braces, when will the results start showing up will definitely help you form a concrete idea about the procedure. And when you have sound idea about a medical/dental procedure you can take an informed decision easily.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we arrange a free consultation before the start of any orthodontic treatment and Six Months Smile is no exception. During that session we not only will walk through your goals but will also access how suitable the procedure will be for you. If we feel like some other procedure could suit you better we will speak out loud and clear. Now let us start!

What you can expect as the treatment begins

Let us start with the fact that wearing conventional braces for six months is not the right solution for everyone alike. Six Months Smile is a discreet alternative procedure to traditional braces. The alternative means is composed of clear brackets and white tooth coloured wires. What is more amazing – it can deliver results faster. If your goal is to achieve straighter teeth at the front within a short time span then this is the ideal procedure. As the name implies – on an average, the treatment lasts for 6 months to bring you expected results. However the time frame may vary depending on certain factors from case to case. It can be anywhere between 4 and 9 months before your teeth take the correct position.

We all are aware every smile is different. Thus every case involving the Six Months Smile procedure follows a unique treatment plan. The first step of the treatment is a free consultation that has already been mentioned above. Once we are convinced that this dental procedure is indeed your best option, we provide you with a detailed outline of the treatment plan. As you tell us to go ahead we will ask you to come back to our practice at Chatfield Road in Battersea in a few days to fit your new braces. Fitting the new braces will take about an hour and with that you get on the highway to achieve straighter teeth.

The changes to expect

Initially the first few days you may feel little odd with the braces. However you automatically get adjusted to it within a few days to a few weeks. By this time your teeth will start moving; thus you will definitely notice a few changes. Gradually as time keeps elapsing further improvements will get captured in your eyes automatically.

By the end of the fifth month drastic changes will automatically show up. However, that is only if your treatment lasts that long. Remember we mentioned before many 6 Months Smile cases successfully wind up as fast as in four months. Depending on the specifications involved in your case you have to visit the practice anywhere between three and seven times to get the braces adjusted throughout the tenure of the treatment. All these minute details will be intimated to you in time.

Considering the average your braces will be removed by the end of month six. When the braces finally come out, it is time to show your new and improved smile to your family and friends. But you should not forget wearing retainers at this stage. If you ignore retainers at this post-treatment stage, your teeth are more likely to relapse or sink back into their original position. Thus all the work was done and achieved through the treatment will be undone. Different types of retainers are available. Your orthodontist will certainly help you choose your best option considering your lifestyle and comfort level.

Care and maintenance tips for your Six Months Smile braces

Just like with every other orthodontic braces you need to care for these braces too not only to ensure successful outcome of the treatment but also to keep your mouth free from diseases, cavities and plaques.

Here are few easy tips to make your task easier. Initially you may feel this to be a herculean task. But as you will get along the job will become easier than anything.

Cleaning the braces

Both plaque and bacteria grow in and around braces. To counter this try holding the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees with the wires and the brackets while brushing. Brush from the top of every wire down to the bottom. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of the mouth may not be very fascinating job but while you are on braces it is utmost important to invest your time and effort in it day in and day out.

Cleaning the teeth

Make it a point to clean each tooth in turn while holding the brush at 45 degrees angle to the gum line. Invest at least 10 seconds brushing in circular motion applying gentle force of the hand. Repeat this procedure for every surface of the teeth. Whenever you feel like, alter the position of the toothbrush to reach out to the extreme corners.

Flossing the teeth is important

Dentists invariably recommend flossing to the patients. Do you know why? Flossing is an important aspect of caring for your braces. Do floss once a day without fail. You may seek tips from your dentist or orthodontist to teach you the correct flossing techniques. After flossing is ever rinse the mouth well with water or mouthwash.

Taking care of retainers

This depends a lot on the type of retainer you go for. Dentists providing six months smile in London point out that with removable retainers you must carry the protective box everywhere with you all the time. Thus you can put it in the safety of the case easily while not wearing. Without the protective casing removable retainers are prone to get lost. To clean it you have to place it in water. Do not use hot water as that may damage the appliances. Always use cold water and either use a liquid soap with it or simply clean it with a toothbrush having soft bristles.

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