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How to treat bleeding gums?

Bleeding from the gums is a common occurrence.

This usually happens after brushing, using a toothbrush or biting hard foods. This is usually caused by bacteria that live on the surface of the teeth and help with plaque formation. The gums become weak, which can cause bleeding when touched.

Very rarely, bleeding from the gums is associated with other causes, such as infections:

Diabetes, which can cause bleeding gums.
vitamin C deficiency;
Bone marrow disease, or leukemia, is extremely rare.
Some medications can also cause bleeding gums. This is especially true for vitamin K antagonists, which have been shown to treat heart disease.

2- What is the treatment?
If inflammation is causing the problem, plaque should be removed to prevent bleeding. It is important to keep your mouth clean and brush your teeth. It is recommended to rub the gums twice a day without forgetting after eating. How to treat bleeding gums

If hygiene measures are not enough to prevent bleeding, it is important to see a dentist.
In case of pain, it is important not to take aspirin because its anticoagulant properties can increase bleeding.


3- What should be done when blood comes out of the gums?
To treat bleeding gums, use a compress for the gums, preferably a collagen compress, pressure 2/3 minutes to promote the formation of blood clots.
When removing, do not try to remove the fibers that are still in the wound or stone, later it will disappear on its own.

What are the benefits of collagen compresses? Upon contact with blood, a compress of calcium alginate releases calcium ions directly into the wound (instead of sodium ions in the blood, this is called ion exchange). These calcium ions help form blood clots.


4- If the gums bleed regularly, simple lifestyle changes can alleviate the problem:
Stay healthy. How to treat bleeding gums

Chewing gum, like the rest of the body, affects vitamins and nutrients. If you eat a lot of sugar or fatty foods and some fruits, vegetables and healthy foods, your gums will be damaged. Try one of the following remedies to improve your teeth:

Use less sugar. Excessive sugar can cause tartar. Reducing your diet will help improve your gums.
Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C like mango, broccoli and grapes.
Eat foods rich in calcium such as spinach and dairy products.

Don’t smoke

Cigarettes damage the health of teeth. Toxins from cigarettes and other tobacco products cause gingivitis and other infections. In fact, people who smoke six times are more likely to develop gingivitis than people who don’t smoke.

Cigarettes reduce blood circulation in the gums which makes them weak.
Smoking also reduces the risk of recurrence of gingivitis.

Drink plenty of water

You can keep your mouth clean by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking water cleanses bacteria on teeth and prevents plaque formation. So, use water whenever possible instead of drinks, coffee and tea.


Brush your teeth

Make sure to wash your tongue after eating at least twice a day.
Dental care should be used daily to complete the rub.


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