Magnetic Stirrers 101: The Two Leading Types

In the lab, mixing happens in almost all chemical and biological processes. Technicians and researchers need the best lab equipment to get consistent results. That’s where the magnetic stirrer comes in.

Stirrers use a robust magnetic field to move a bar around in the samples, while other comes with a stirring hot plate. Each bar moves inside the mixture with agitation and rapid movement, and the user controls the stirring speed.

A Few Types of Available Magnetic Stirrers

When classifying magnetic stirrers, you use:

  • Sizes
  • Configuration
  • Application (use)

For example, we have digital stirrers that can even keep tabs on the temperature of the mixture and the rotations per minute. But, regardless of the type, a stirrer should mix solutions efficiently, and it shouldn’t detach the bar from the drive magnet. Also, it should be low-cost. Let’s look at a few types:

Timed Magnetic Stirrers

2mag has stirrers that can mix a solution for a specified period and then shut themselves down. That can be crucial for delicate experiments where stirring can affect the outcome.

Air-Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrer

This instrument is perfect for mixing liquids of more than 1 liter, thanks to its low air-pressure supply. Since it doesn’t use electricity, it reduces the risk of a sparking hazard, making it a safe option.

The choice of the stirrer depends on the task at hand. However, you must get a high-quality stirrer from reputable brands for the best user experience. 2Mag is a great place to start your search.

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