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Top Best 10 Steps How hot stone massage is done?

Hot stone massage is still a relatively new massage therapy, and many may be a little wary of engaging in this massage technique.

Guys Even if you have tried it, you may wonder whether the massage was done properly. A brief, step-by-step description of what to expect when you book an appointment for a hot stone massage will be covered in this article.

Topic 1. The stones themselves are volcanic basalts often obtained from the coasts of Mexico or Chile. When you walk into your therapist’s massage room, he or she will already have heated between 48 and 56 stones of varying sizes to between 130 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit in a specially designed water heater.

It is important that the temperature of these stones be at this level. So that they are neither too cold nor too hot. If the water is too cold, harmful bacteria can form; Too hot, and the customer will complain loudly. In most cases, you will notice that the therapist has already placed eight flat stones in pairs on the massage table that will align well with your spine when you lie down.

Do you know guys A linen cloth or towel will be placed between you and the stones? Several massage oils will also be available. Grapeseed, lavender, olive, and rose oils are favorites.

Topic 2. When you lie down with the table stone along your spine, the therapist will massage your face with a light layer of oil and place a small massage stone on each cheek, one under your lip, and the other on your forehead. The forehead stone marks the “third eye”, betraying the Indian origins of medicine.

Topic 3. The oil is massaged into your feet one by one. Then the therapist, using an appropriately sized massage stone, will rub each part of your foot. The amount of pressure applied will be up to you. Do you know guys The harder the pressure, the more deeply the muscles are affected?

When the therapist is finished with your feet, he or she will place a small stone between each of your toes.

Topic 4. Using medium stones, the oil will be applied to the arms and massaged. When each hand is complete, the therapist will place a warm massage stone in your palm.

Topic 5. After the arms are complete, the therapist will withdraw the palm stones, remove the stones from your face and between the toes, and ask you to turn over. When you do this, she will also remove eight spinal stones. At this point, the oil is massaged into your back and the therapist will also begin massaging with long strokes using a hot stone, paying special attention to the acupressure points.

He will then place a hot stone on each shoulder, one on each scapular area, and one on the sacrum or lower back. She will also hold another medium round stone in your palms.

Topic 6. After finishing your back, the therapist will expose your legs and place massage stones under the buttocks, behind the knees, and on the calves. This hot stone therapy will remove any remaining tension in the feet.

Topic 7. The neck and shoulders will now be massaged, and finally the scalp.

Topic 8. Now all the stones are removed and the doctor will go to the back and leg area with nerve strokes using only the tips of the fingers.

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How and Where are hot stones kept for hot stone massage?

Before we start counting the benefits with our own hands, we know you’re curious where hot stones go! Well, trust us when we say, don’t be anywhere near uncomfortable. Hot stone therapy is supposed to loosen up all those tight muscles and wake them up. So that you can relax and loosen up your muscles. And it does exactly that.

The following are some important pressure points where the stones are placed. Hot Stone Message therapy On your stomach on your toes. In front of you with your spine on your feet not only on your chest but also the way the stones are placed makes a big difference Is. Here are some techniques that most hot stone massage experts use.

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Circular movements Vibration Kneading Tapping Long strokes Tapping. Also, did you know that cold stones are sometimes used for hot stone massage By the way?

The main method of massage is through hot stones, but after the massage Cold stones are used to pacify vessels that may have dilated. It also helps in drying the skin after massage.

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