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It’s critical to get your children the appropriate care if you fear they have asthma or any persistent lung issue. A pediatric pulmonologist must be consulted in order to make an accurate diagnosis in patients under the age of 21. Unfortunately, few people understand the importance of having a pediatric pulmonologist. However, every pediatric pulmonologists motto is that we can help your child breathe better with our pulmonary doctor services.

But who is a pediatric pulmonologist and why is one necessary for your child?

Who is a pediatric pulmonologist?

A medical professional with a focus on children’s breathing and lung conditions is known as a pediatric pulmonologist. Their job is to prevent complications and enhance your family’s quality of life. Additionally, they also teach your child and your family how to control breathing disorder symptoms. Your child’s lung health will be assessed, and the source of their breathing issue will be determined. Furthermore, a treatment plan will be created by a pediatric pulmonologist.

What does a pediatric pulmonologist do?

A pulmonologist researches issues that affect the respiratory system. Similarly, pediatric pulmonologists have specialized training in identifying and treating lung issues in kids. Despite the fact that many people only identify pulmonologists with asthma, they really treat a variety of lung illnesses and problems. When children or teenagers have any of the following issues, they are diagnosed, followed up on, and treated.

  • Cystic fibrosis.
  • Constant coughing.
  • Regular apnea or sleep apnea
  • Chronic respiratory infections.
  • Exercise-induced asthma.
  • Sudden chest discomfort when performing daily tasks.
  • Breathing problems after being exposed to allergens.
  • Breathing issues resulting from anxiety.
  • Chest rattling or loud breathing.

While not necessarily the final diagnosis for the symptoms mentioned above, asthma is frequent in young children. Make sure you look into every option in order to give your child the greatest care. Also, assist them in maintaining control over their health. It is simpler for your child to avoid triggers and stop attacks the more they are aware of their lung health.

Why does your child need a pediatric pulmonologist?

There are many skilled professionals which fall under the umbrella of the medical field. It’s crucial to remember, though, that not all doctors are created on the same level. There are people who know more, fewer, and a wide variety of things.

Most medical professionals focus on one area of health, such as women’s health, gut health, allergies, specialized procedures, etc. Subcategories go under those categories. Typically, the subcategories include elements like age, gender, case severity, and many more. The categories are there to make the point that a neurosurgeon shouldn’t likely be performed by an allergist.

Likewise, when it comes to your child’s lung health, a pediatric pulmonologist is much better than a conventional pulmonologist. Pediatric pulmonologists complete 4 years of medical school and 3 years of pediatric training. This training is necessary to get specialized training that qualifies them to work with children.

Your child needs healthcare that evolves together with them because their bodies are continually developing and changing. Adults with asthma typically do not notice many changes in their overall lung health. However, a child with asthma is likely to notice a shift quickly. With the assistance of a pediatric pulmonologist, the journey is made significantly simpler.

Will your child ever visit a physician other than a pediatric pulmonologist?

You should be aware that your child’s pediatric pulmonologist may advise that they visit an allergy or another sort of physician. This is necessary to determine if they have asthma or not. It’s critical to distinguish between illnesses like anxiety-induced asthma and panic attacks. Because there are many different ways that asthma can be brought on.

For instance, an allergist can assist in identifying whether your child has allergic asthma. A person develops allergic asthma when common allergens occur. For example, pollen, pet hair, dust mites, etc. This set off an asthma attack and resulted in a range of pulmonary symptoms. Every time you take a walk together, your kid can start coughing. They might also have problems breathing after playing with the family pet. When this happens, it’s critical to see an allergist ascertain what is precisely causing the responses and how severe they are.

An attack may send a child to a pediatric pulmonologist if it is serious enough. Once the acute threat has passed, the pulmonologist could refer the kid to an allergist for additional testing.

Who will take charge of long-term care?

A pediatric pulmonologist concentrates mostly on more severe cases of lung illness. Which is another way in which they differ from primary care doctors. In other words, a pediatric pulmonologist is required if your child has an urgent asthma attack. Additionally, if their symptoms are more severe than others. In contrast, a pulmonologist provides short-term care for asthmatics before referring them to the proper long-term physician. This all happens, once the patient is secure and stable.

A primary care doctor offers long-term care advice and medicines. Your child needs a primary care doctor who is well knowledgeable about their lung health. Make sure you record triggers and symptoms in an asthma attack action plan to assist your doctor in making educated decisions. Furthermore, performing at-home lung tests enables your child to keep track of their lung capacity and daily results.

Additional things to keep in mind

In addition to allergic asthma, stress, anxiety, physical effort, poor air quality, the workplace, and potent gasses or odors can cause breathing problems. Create an asthma action plan for your child. So, that you will be prepared to act quickly in the case of an asthma attack. Include the results of any lung tests, symptoms, triggers, medications, doctor information, and many more. So, that you and your doctor can keep track of crucial information and continuously enhance the response strategy.

Be prepared to see a pediatric pulmonologist in case of emergency, even if you don’t believe your child needs one. Organize names, phone numbers, and addresses. For the safety and maintenance of asthma – organization is crucial. The welfare of your child is our priority.

Do you know?

Some pulmonologists follow patients with respiratory diseases over time and work in multidisciplinary group practices or specialized pulmonary medicine clinics. They also serve as consultants for other doctors. Others might work at hospitals, offering medical assistance and advice to patients.

Pulmonologists commonly lead medical intensive care units in hospitals. Because they are knowledgeable in respiratory failure and sophisticated procedures like mechanical ventilation. Training in pulmonary medicine is sometimes combined with training in critical care medicine. Because this position includes providing care for critically ill patients. Critical care pulmonologists, sometimes known as “intensivists,” are particularly qualified to practice in intensive care units thanks to their dual training.

Bottom line

According to their severity, lung disorders span a wide spectrum, and you must need a pulmonary specialist for treatment. Inflammation-blocked airflow and lung constriction are the hallmarks of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma respectively.

Approximately 62 million people are impacted by various respiratory illnesses every year. The shocking numbers forced our pulmonologist, Dr. Talib Raza, to offer extensive primary healthcare. Our pulmonary expert at Lung-N-Sleep offers comprehensive patient treatment that starts with a diagnosis and leads to improved health and wellness.





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