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6 tips for more inner peace in your life

Inner Peace and Happiness Importance

What exactly is inner peace?

Let us begin by defining the term. Inner peace is a state of calm within yourself. It’s an attainable state of mind that has nothing to do with what’s happening around you and everything to do with how you feel inside.

Peace is your most natural state. You would most likely be permanently overstimulated, hyperactive, exhausted, or even burnt out if you did not regularly return to your hearts and the stillness within. The world around you may be stressful and chaotic, but if you try to stay calm no matter what, Inner Peace will become your default mode.

The noise of your thoughts and fears tends to overtake. Your daily life in your current society. It can be challenging for you to find inner peace in today’s hectic society. One of the things that can disturb your inner serenity is the constant anticipation of what comes next in your lives

How can you achieve inner peace?

Being receptive to inner calm is the first step toward it. Then, to have faith that you can succeed even though you might not think you can since your mind keeps wandering. Finally, have confidence that each action you take will advance you (a little bit).

Regularly Practise Being Mindful:

A level of clarity or calmness known as mindfulness can improve your life. You can do this by turning your attention within during meditation. To practise mindfulness, you can sit still with your eyes closed. So why not make every effort to maintain awareness while keeping your eyes open?

You can return your focus to the present moment at any time throughout the day. A mind at peace is focused on the present moment and does not obsessively consider the past or the future. How can you help? Try to redirect your focus to something else if you feel a thought or emotion coming on, such as your breathing or your physical sensations.

Enjoy Your Life With Nature

Nature is a marvellous thing. Not just because it is aesthetically pleasing but also because being in nature makes you feel better immediately. Your relationship with nature—how much you pay attention to, reflect on, and value our natural surroundings—is essential to maintaining mental health and averting misery

According to research, people with stronger connections to nature tend to be happier overall and more inclined to believe that their lives are valuable. So if you can’t find time for a regular walk in the woods or by the sea, taking a quick stroll through the neighborhood park can also help you reduce tension and anxiety

Be considerate of those around you:

You will always feel better when actively trying to be kind to those around you. If you concentrate on the positive, the positive will come back to you, and you’ll soon notice that you’re more at ease because your mind is less preoccupied with the issues that upset you.

Try doing acts of kindness daily if you’re going through a challenging situation. Remember yourself while helping others. Being kind to yourself generally results in a more peaceful environment. Make sure to cheer yourself up and do festive activities. To live a life with more inner peace, you must love both yourself and others.

Less Social Media

Although it may seem obvious, most of us spend our days glued to screens. Social media is one main significant factor that disturbs your inner peace. Social media might make you fear that you aren’t living our most incredible lives when you compare yourself to those of our friends or famous people. Your inner calm will be disturbed by this.

Furthermore, studies demonstrate that spending much time on social media can alter the brain’s physiological processes. For example, our bodies release dopamine each time we post or receive a notice from a screen, which reduces our capacity to focus on a single topic and leads to screen addiction.

Dhikr of Allah (SWT):

To find peace and harmony you have to be strong spiritually. Because it will give you the unique power to bear everything that is happening around you. To do dhikr alone is something else while to do dhikr with the friends of Allah is something else. In the same way, you should do Dhikr with pious people. They will look like you but internally they will be stronger than you in connection with Allah. Because they are not disbelievers. They fear Allah (SWT). They don’t disobey His rules. They don’t cross his border lines.


Silence of the mind is key to meditation. To connect with the present moment, notice, and accept whatever is happening to you and around you, you must practise slowing your mind

Everyday existence requires constant thought about what to have for supper, what you did and what you could have done better. Never do when you stop thinking about something. Although the goal of meditation is not to cease thinking, it is a valuable technique for taking a break from the outside world so that you may pay attention to your inner thoughts, whether they are happy or unpleasant. You can find inner peace by learning to watch and accept things as they are while you’re in a state of mental and emotional quiet.

Final Thoughts:

These are just a few strategies to assist you in finding inner peace, to sum up. In general, cultivating inner serenity can be difficult, especially if it isn’t something you are naturally gifted with. We no longer have free time in a world where everyone is busy with everything. Inner peace is still attainable, though. If we decide to be conscious of our bad habits and lifestyle and modify some of those characteristics

As you know, inner peace is very important. But you should realise its importance. You should join that gathering of pious people. So that you may remember Allah (SWT) under the guidance of friends of Allah (SWT). You may contact marifah.org for any queries.

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